Bitcoin Payments Offered From Coincheck


Bitcoin Bill Payments from Coincheck

There is another attempt to bring cryptocurrency to the mass public. It was revealed today that Coincheck, a Japanese-based blockchain exchange, has partnered with E-Net Systems. The partnership will enable clients of Coincheck to pay for their gasoline in Japan at gas attentions across the country. Under this agreement, the new fuel payment solution will be named “Coincheck Gas” and will operate two reward plans for consumers. The 1st plan givens players accumulated percentages of Bitcoin for every gas purchase. However, the portions are small, ranging from 0.25% to 1% of the total valuation for a single Bitcoin. This new cryptocurrency gas program is slated to launch on October 5th, 2019 in the Tokyo Gas Jurisdiction. It will later be released nationwide.

There’s also a second plan that will cost a small fee to maintain. However, the rewards provided in return are far higher than the free standard program. Clients purchasing the second plan receive 3% of their monthly gas bill returned to them in Bitcoin. Furthermore, they also receive a discount of 3% on their overall monthly gas bill. Coincheck suspects that many traders will select this option over the free plan.

Cryptocurrency for the Masses

This isn’t the first time that Coincheck has tried to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Before offering this unique payment service with gas stations across Tokyo and Japan, It also worked with the electricity usage provider in Japan. Coincheck Electricity allowed for their Japanese clientele to pay their electric bill with Bitcoin. That service is still in use today, with an average of 33% of traders for Coincheck using their Electricity Payment Plan. This Japanese exchange is making every effort possible to bring Bitcoin to the masses. Offering these attractive payment services in correlation with daily necessities has enabled for growth to jump by 25% every quarter.

Coincheck has also partnered with MarcoMill, the two of them will pool their research to creating a new company called “Coincheck Survey”. This business will survey citizens of Japan on which industries they believe blockchain coins should be available. Additionally, there have been rumours that a recent survey has prompted to look into partnering with insurance companies. This includes house insurance, life insurance and car insurance. All suggestions indicate that the Monex Group and Coincheck will partner at the end of the 2019 Fiscal Year.