Coke One North America Expands Bitcoin Partnerships

Coke One North America Expands Partnerships Coca-Cola, the largest beverage manufacturer worldwide, has announced that it's IT Development Firm, has grown it’s blockchain technologies. Their pilot project, which is being maintained with the SAP Cloud...
telegram and libra

Libra and Telegram Could Be Detrimental To Bitcoin Growth

Libra and Telegram clamp may be negative for Bitcoin The Libra and Telegram clamp enacted the authorities internationally and in the United States is anticipated to generate negativity towards Bitcoin, the current king of cryptocurrency. There...
Shorting Bitcoin

Bitcoin Trading And Strategy Of Shorting

Shorting Bitcoin The rollercoaster ride that has been Bitcoin's valuations never end. The price begins to plunge and then begins to rise. These rapid fluctuations cause for investors to debate if shorting Bitcoin is a...

Bitcoin Payments Offered From Coincheck

Bitcoin Bill Payments from Coincheck There is another attempt to bring cryptocurrency to the mass public. It was revealed today that Coincheck, a Japanese-based blockchain exchange, has partnered with E-Net Systems. The partnership will enable...
Bitcoin Price Rising by Spring 2020, Bayern LB

Bitcoin Price Rising by Spring 2020

Bayern LB, one of the largest banking institutions in Germany, has revealed a report where they pitched Bitcoin as gold to investors. The Munich-established bank reported that Bitcoin valuations would jump to $90,000.00 per...