Microsoft Invests In Blockchain For AI

Microsoft Blockchain

Microsoft Using Blockchain for AI

The Microsoft Corporation confirmed that it had invested in blockchain technology, hoping that it will assist them with the growth of artificial intelligence in corporate markets worldwide. This has proven to be a challenging task for Microsoft, who has seen a consistent rise of consumers growing fearful of artificial intelligence. This also applies to largescale corporations, which worry that learning algorithm machines will dampen the quality of their business or cause for consumer revolt. Microsoft claims that by implementing this blockchain technology, its enterprise clients can have an added level of trust with these AI Programs.

This new technology is called the Azure Blockchain Data Manager, which was revealed and released at the Orlando Ignite Conference. Unfortunately, it didn’t become widely known by consumers or corporations because of other announcements made at the conference. Regardless, this application will connect on-chain data to other applications. This will allow for the node’s transaction data with smart contracts to be sent privately throughout databases or data chains. Artificial intelligence can engage with these programs, where IoT can achieve its intended purpose.

The Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Azure, Marc Mercuri, has assisted with the engineering process behind this cloud computing AI platform. He spoke with reporters recently, where he said: “From manufacturing to energy to the public sector to retail, AI is digitally transforming businesses in every vertical. Blockchain can ensure that everything from the algorithms to the data going in and out of them is trustworthy.”

Data Analytics & Distributed Ledgers

This platform would necessarily work as an anchor, assisting data analytics in the process. Though this might seem like a modest and abstract innovation for blockchain, it has its purpose for companies that require more security behind AI Technology. One way that Microsoft Azure will assist enterprises in the online trading space is with distributed ledgers, built-in with the AI. Before these ledgers can be approved, the artificial intelligence will confirm where it originated and transformed. This will extend to the input and output method for that distributed ledgers transformation.

Some believe this concept could work in the right circumstances, such as the Gartner Research Vice President. This executive believes that Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT could work together to create enhanced tracking services for standard businesses. This would work by both parties agreeing to the shipment’s location, the strategy of distribution, and the potential transformation model. Subsequently, the Microsoft Azure platform can work for both retail markets and the cryptocurrency industry.

The Vice President for Gartner Research, Avivah Lian, stated: “With blockchain, you get a shared, single version of the truth. An immutable audit trail, so it’s a much better source of data to feed your AI models.”

Blockchain Implementation

The Microsoft Corporation confirmed that the Azure Platform is manufactured in the ledger-agonistic format. Subsequently, this service will work for numerous forms of blockchain. It’s already been established that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Quorum will be available from launch. There have already been a few clientele given the option to use the Azure platform before its launch date. Those working with Microsoft for the preview saw that the program implements ethical supply chain constraints, allowing for the service to be used with everything from groceries to pharmaceutical supply. This has created considerable speculation amongst enterprises, who desire retail market blockchain services.

Microsoft Invests In Blockchain

The special report released by these in-preview clients displayed a demonstration of Azure. This demo showed the artificial intelligence working with smart contracts, allowing for it to determine its liability and recovery clauses. The AI Software did this within seconds, indicating that the AI model can handle substantial amounts of data.

The Chief Technical Officer and Icertis Co-Founder, Monish Darda, was one of the few publicly mentioned clients for the in-preview by Microsoft. He noted that this software aims to show enterprises and consumers that AI can reach conclusions faster than ourselves, with more reliable data.

Monish Darda official stated: “I can go in and see what data was used to reach that decision. If my model is trained from that data, it gives me a transaction ID or a hash of the transaction written in the blockchain, and I can then go deep and say, ‘hey, two years ago I got these 10 data points that I used in my machine learning model, that influenced my calculation of risk.”

He ended his statements with: “It’s cleaning and collating and integrating information, and then you run the algorithm. What we are finding is that you can compress the data engineering process by adding a trusted layer that is immutable by nature.”